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IngramSpark: A Saga in 3 Parts

Today I uploaded the bulk of my book files to IngramSpark. While Wolfen will become available tomorrow, you should be able to see and order the new print editions for Blood and Shadows and Dawn of Ragnarok on February 1, 2018. Let’s see if that actually happens. The Beast Series is still under construction for need of a new cover design. I’m working on that. LOL

In honor of my completion of this Herculean task, I have put together everything I learned from the process into a three-part blog series on my author resource site. If you’re interested in the nuts and bolts, or if you are considering publishing your own books through IngramSpark, check them out here:

Part 1: Homework

Part 2: Interior Layout

Part 3: The Little Things

See you all on the flip side of 2018! May the New Year hold all the good things 2017 lacked, and more! 🙂

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