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Writer’s Gonna Read: November Check-in

I’ve actually been reading up a storm the last few months, but these updates turned out to be a pain in the ass… BUT I did promise to keep myself accountable, so here goes (although I made it easy on myself and contracted recent books under series names for less typing)…

Books I’ve read:

Total New Books Read: 23
Total Old Books Re-Read: 25

Books still to be read:

I got on an ill-advised regency romance kick, got cured of it quickly, tried to move on to The Stand but by the time I opened it up on my Kindle I’d lost my taste for post-apocalyptic goodness. Nothing wrong with the King, just probably the fact that I needed to write an erotic romance had something to do with that… I was in the wrong mindset. LOL However, I was super proud of the fact that I’d read more new books than old this year. Until I remembered the ones I’d re-read before plunging into the new Shelly Laurenston books. >_< But I have two more new books on my TBR list there that I definitely still want to read this year, so that should at least even things out.

What was your favorite book this year?


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