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How did I get here?

3 thoughts on “How did I get here?”

  1. Next to being 6 yrs older (oh my gawd that makes me feel old to say, lol) than you, I think we are in similar places in some ways. I got started in the “I love to write” game later than yourself, but also have a fair amount of work sitting around that I’m working to publish, had all these wondrous ideas at how long it’d take to start making decent money, then my own plans went up in smoke. Most blame is on me for choices I made, which kept setting me back to day one effectively.

    Either way, I think you’ve got a good idea, same as I am doing now. Just not fretting too much, having all these plans, and more just going with what comes. I write, I publish, I edit. That stuff I schedule and plan. What comes after? Well it’d certainly be nice to sit on a beach and take it easy, buuutttt I’m content with where things are at. 🙂

    1. Hi Kim! Yeah, that seems to be the healthiest way to approach this. 🙂 I don’t want the thing that I love to become a torment. Besides, there is always the possibility that I’ll become a high school reading list staple posthumously. LOL

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