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20 Questions

Saw this on Facebook and thought it’d be fun to do… So here we go!


1.) What is you Author name? Alianne Donnelly

2.) What is the first book you ever published? Blood Moons

3.) What is your publiversary? September 27, 2010

4.) What is you favorite book you’ve written thus far? Wolfen

5.) What book took you the longest to write? Blood Hunt

6.) How long did it take you? Over 2 years, on and off. Incidentally, it is now also my least favorite book written thus far. Just because it was such a pain in the ass.

7.) What kind of music (if any) do you listen to while you write? Depends on what I’m writing. For fantasy, I recently found that the Witcher 3 soundtrack is amazing for inspiration. Anything else, I either randomize all my songs or play nature sounds.

8.) Who is you favorite character from any of your books? Err… Hmm… I honestly don’t know.

9.) What are you currently working on? Dearest Love for my Rebel Court series, and Prince of Deceit to round off the Dragonblood trilogy.

10.) Do you have anything you snack on while you write? No. When I write, I often forget to eat and drink all together. I remember when I get light headed and can’t concentrate.

11.) What is your favorite quote or line from one of your books? “My choice is you–always.” (Dragonblood)

12.) Are you a self published or traditional published author? Self-published all the way.

13.) What is your writing inspiration? Everything. Movies most of the time, because they spark my imagination the fastest, but often ideas for my books will come from something I dreamed.

14.) What genre do you write? Fantasy romance, sci-fi/paranormal romance, erotic romance, and post-apocalypse dystopian horror. I know, that last one kind of snuck in there…

15.) Do you have any writing rituals? No. Just write, write, write, whenever and wherever I can, for as long as I can.

16.) Do you have a specific place you write or time? On the bus to/from work, during lunch in the back room, and/or at home at my desk during weekends. I try to avoid writing when I get home from work during the week. I find it burns me out very quickly.

17.) Do you have any advice for aspiring writers? You have to love it. You just have to. If you don’t it’ll kill you like a serial killer slowly removing parts of your anatomy inch by cubic inch. Don’t do it because you think it’s “cool” or because you think it’ll make you rich (trust me, it won’t). Do it because you can’t not. And when you reach that point, don’t let anything stop you. But when you do reach that point, the advice becomes redundant. 🙂

18.) What are your writing goals? My goal is to write the stories I am craving to read and hope that someone else out there likes them just as much.

19.) What authors inspire you and your writing? Every single book I have ever read has had an impact on my writing, whether it inspired me, or cautioned me, or sucked me in so deeply that I still feel part of that world when I remember it. There is no single title or author I can point to. I have favorites I return to again and again, but some books have left such an impact on me after a single read that it’d be a disservice to them to leave them out.

20.) What will be you next release? Dragonblood (September 3, 2016), followed by Catch Me ( October 8, 2016)

Until next time! 🙂

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