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State of the Author Address

So I tried to do an author video. Learned a few things:

  1. Never attempt to do videos on short notice
  2. Plan your “stage” ahead of time
  3. Always have a clear path of escape
  4. Keep plenty of water nearby
  5. Outlining a script is a good idea

As you have probably guessed, I learned all these by NOT doing them. Let’s be honest here–there’s a reason why I’m a writer and not a spokesperson LOL I can do a dozen cool things behind the scenes, but put me in front of a camera (or an audience) and I’m a train wreck.

Luckily, I do have one advantage, and that is that I can splice and dice like a pro. So what started out as a straight-forward video of me talking into a camera turned into a quirky, self-deprecating comedy of errors set to silent film music. Because why not? Everyone loves a good blooper reel.

Which leads me to the main reason for this post: Announcing the official release date for Dragonblood!


The book will be available in digital and paperback format ( a gorgeous, 6″x9″ trim with a 1.01″ spine, wrapped in a touchable, full-color matte cover, 389 pages, 45 chapters, plus a sneak peek at book 3, Prince of Deceit… oh yeah, talk dirty to me). Ebook pre-order links should be happening soon and the print edition should become available on or shortly after the release date.

This story has become one of my favorites now; I absolutely love Liadan and Tir, both for who they are, and who they are together, and I can’t wait for you guys to read all about them! September 3rd can’t come soon enough, I tell ya…

And while we’re on the subject of release dates, here’s one more for ya:

CatchMePRemember that erotic romance series I’m sending out by weekly chapters? Well, Catch Me is about halfway finished by now, which means we’re approaching the pre-release stage. The full story will be available for sale as a complete novella on October 8, 2016, so pre-order links should be happening sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. I’ll post and share when they go live.

This was another experiment for me, and what I learned is that it’s not really fun to drag a story out over 3 months or more. You lose interest after a while. You forget you were reading it. Or you hoard the chapters so you can read them all at once. So with the next one, Dearest Love, I’ll do things a little differently. Instead of weekly chapters, I’ll do them daily, which will shorten the reading time down to about 2 weeks. Of course, that means I need the story completed before I start sending, so the second story in the Rebel Court series will be delayed a little. But hopefully, it’ll be a much more pleasant reading experience when it does come. 😉

For now, you can still sign up for the mailing list here. And look for Catch Me and Dragonblood at your favorite online bookseller soon!

Until next time! 🙂

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