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Introducing: The Rebel Court


As writers, we always strive to do more, be better, try new avenues. I’m a firm believer in pushing the limits of what I can do, and to that end, I am about to embark on another new journey. This is another first for me in a number of ways. First, it’s a genre I haven’t attempted before: Erotic Romance/Erotica. Second, it’s presented in a format I haven’t tried before: serial chapters by email. The idea is to have a new chapter in your inbox every week until the story is complete.

To that end, I’d like to introduce a series of serials (that’s not a redundancy, trust me) set after the happy conclusion of Snow White’s epic tale. The Rebel Court will consist of seven novellas, each about 25,000-35,000 words in length, following the stories of Snow White’s old allies. They’ll be a mixture of urban fantasy and high fantasy, with lots and lots of adult content. Don’t expect any dwarves carrying mining tools; these guys are true blue heroes and so hot they will melt your panties off. At least that’s the plan.


Interested? 😉 Here’s how it’ll work…


CatchMe2I’ll be test driving this idea in a few months with the first rebel getting his turn on June 1, 2016 in CATCH ME. Because of the explicit nature of these stories, I won’t be adding anyone to the list automatically, even if you’re already on my Newsletter list or subscribed to this blog. To read his tale for free directly from your inbox, you’ll have to voluntarily join the Rebel Court mailing list.

Also, because of the serial format, and the fact that I won’t be making the chapters available anywhere else until the novella is complete, there will be a time element involved. After the first chapter is sent out, only existing subscribers will continue to receive the story to prevent confusion from jumping into it too late. Newcomers after June 1 will have to wait for the next novella in the series (which could be a while, so sign up early!).

Once each story is complete, it’ll also become available for purchase as a finished eBook, and when I have the entire series, I will release a print version of the entire collection in one volume. There, now I’ve revealed all my nefarious future plans. Please excuse me while I rub my hands together in a way most evil. Mwahahaaa!

Until next time!

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