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Blood Hunt Release Date


Good morning and happy Friday!

A quick announcement for your pre-weekend today. Last Sunday, I sent out a Newsletter with a full chapter of Blood Hunt and its official release date.  That chapter won’t be reposted anywhere else. Sorry if anyone missed it. I did promise that my Newsletters would be worth it for those who signed up. If you’re not on the mailing list yet, you can add yourself here. The good news is, I will be posting the release date for Blood Hunt. But before I get to that, some news to share:

Blood Moons is doing wonderfully its first week. Both the digital and print versions are now available across the board at online retailers around the world, and it has found a home with readers in Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and even Germany! I happen to think that’s pretty awesome. 😀

The next release, Blood Trails, is already available for pre-order in digital format, with print editions going live on or shortly after its release day on October 10, 2015. You can find the links on the book’s page.

Blood Debts is also available for pre-order, and will be releasing on October 24, 2015. For some reason, the print cover was giving me grief with this one, but it’s now just the way I want it (I had to go double check just now to make sure of that). So no snags or delays there.

HuntThumbAnd finally, the big news. For those who missed it, the 4th installment in Blood and Shadows will be releasing earlier than I had hoped, thanks to the amazing efforts of my brilliant editor, who got the content and line edits completed in record time! I am therefore able to keep to the current 2-week release increments, and Blood Hunt will make its official debut on November 7, 2015! Break out the champagne and mark your calendars, folks, this one’s going to be epic! Check the quote at the top of this post if ya don’t believe me. Yep, it’s gonna be big. I can’t wait!

You know it’s good when your editor sends you emails about what she’s reading, and makes awesome comments in the margins like, “LOL This cracked me up!” And yes, I do break into an awkwardly embarrassing happy dance every time I see one of those. It’s a writer thing…

That’s all from me for the moment. 🙂 I return you now to enjoy your Friday and the weekend.

Until next time!

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