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A New Age Dawns


The Blood Series eBooks are now gone for all time. If, by chance, some stores still carry them, they won’t be for long. In their place, the new versions will start popping up for pre-sale, with shiny new covers and price tags, and book 1 is already there for pre-order! Note the specially reduced price on this gorgeous baby: $0.99 on the US side!

Pre-order your copy now at the following retailers:

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Barnes & Noble
All Romance EBooks

More to come as they appear where they are supposed to be. You’ll always find the most popular links on the book’s main page.


What’s changed?


Mostly, all that has changed is the look. I have updated the cover, fixed the formatting so there are now distinguishable chapter breaks, scene division, etc. Residual typos and errors have been corrected as well. In terms of content, the story is still the same. I have added maybe one paragraph’s worth of new content to one scene. It doesn’t affect the plot in this book whatsoever, but it does have bearing on book 4: Blood Hunt, which is on schedule to release November or December of this year. The print version of Blood Moons will go on sale on, or shortly after the release date, and autographed copies will be available in my store.

Blood Trails and Blood Debts will re-release on October 10 and October 24 respectively. Much like book 1, the only difference is one or two paragraphs’ worth of new content which doesn’t affect the immediate plot and only serves to create a subtle tie-in to book 4.


Meanwhile, Dragonborn, the sequel to The Royal Wizard is still under construction and on schedule to release in 2016. So much is happening in and around this series that I had to get a dry-erase board to jot down some series notes for continuity. I’ll let you know how that works out. LOL But the biggest news is that it now has an official blurb! And if you’re a writer, you know how big of a deal this is.

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That’s all from my end for the moment. =) More updates to come as they develop.

Until next time!

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