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To Play Or Not To Play: Writers’ Choice

5 thoughts on “To Play Or Not To Play: Writers’ Choice”

  1. Most excellent article. Wish more people were like you…should’ve also warned them about
    paid “consultants” who rip off your writing and claim it as their own all while under the guise of trying to help you.

    1. Thank you. *takes a bow* And OMG! You mean people actually do that?? =O Man, sure makes me glad I got into this before the social media craze went uber crazy…

  2. Awesome article – I have never had the courage to send my book to a publisher, but I got caught in the blog review trap so often now I pay for a solid promotion through Will Parkinson’s Pride Promotions and that has been the best money I have ever invested. I think it is so hard because new writers so desperately want people to read their books and as your article clearly pointed out, there are some rotten sharks in the publishing waters.

    1. Thanks for your input, Lisa! I’ve considered a promotions company before, but quite honestly, I was so burned out on all the hacks in other areas, it overwhelmed me just to think about it. I wouldn’t know where to start! And I definitely didn’t have the cash to invest. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll dive into the weeding process again. For the moment, I just want to write, and to hell with all that other stuff. LOL Thanks for stopping by! =D

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