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The Evolution of a Cover – The Beast

The Evolution of a Cover - The Beast

The Beast was the first book I published all on my own. It lived on my blog first, so the cover I made was just to tease the story, but it was never intended to be professional. Then came Smashwords and said, “If you want to put this in our storefront”–which I did–“it needs to be yea big.” At that point, I’d discovered an amazing font website and a font that looked beautifully like a beast had scratched it with a claw. As you can see, I liked it so much it survived to the current edition. Finally, we come to the series duet cover. Crisp, clean, with depth and a nod to what started Bastien’s entire journey: a set of Tarot cards. Yes, that one is, in fact my favorite of the lot.

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