A Wee Little Poll: Would you…?

Greetings, friends! I am taking a small break from editing/formatting to ask a question. I have reached a beautiful milestone in my writing career. For the first time ever, I am being asked for a signed paperback copy of a book that has not even been released yet! I am absolutely ecstatic about the excitement Wolfen is generating out in the world, and it got me thinking that, since I can’t do a book signing in person, I might be able to do one online.

My question to you is as follows: Would you want to purchase an autographed copy of the book? It would be sold through eBay and have a personalized message (if you want one). The cost might be slightly higher than the retail price to account for shipping, etc. but I’d do my best to keep it reasonable and affordable. If there is enough interest, I will make this happen on, or maybe even before release date (with the caveat that the books won’t ship until day before release). This would also mean you could “pre-order” the print book (which I cannot do with Createspace).

So, what do you say? Take a quick poll below! =)

2 thoughts on “A Wee Little Poll: Would you…?

    • Alianne

      Beau, it would be direct from me. I’d be the one managing the account and all order, and I’d be signing brand new books and sending them out. I’d only be utilizing the eCommerce platform to make the transactions easier and safer =)

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