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12 Days of Christmas Excerpts Contest Day 7

_____ followed the corridor, feeling colder with each step. She could hear her heart beating out a frantic staccato against her ribs. The sound drowned out any noise her shoes might have made on a regular floor. This one had been designed to muffle it. Her palms were sweating as she turned left again and continued along the down sloping path.

The noises the clerk had mentioned started off as nothing but a soft hum. It gave _____ pause and her step slowed. For the first time apprehension hit her. Not for her safety, but for her sanity. So many people … so many voices. She might not be able to block them out. Her arms shook. She wanted to drop everything and cover her ears.

By the time she got to what looked like a solid wall, the hum was a roar of noise she couldn’t drown out. The clothing she held nearly tumbled from her grasp and she began to shiver.

She would probably have been more comfortable in the Hamster block–if such a thing as “comfort” was even possible in prison–but her gut told her this was where she was supposed to be. Somehow, this felt safer than all the alternatives.

Possible points: 7

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