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12 Days of Christmas Excerpts Contest Day 3

A whirlwind rises around me, so powerful I’m afraid it will lift me off my feet, and I don’t understand how the cards can be so still on that barrel, so steady, as if my future is already written in stone and it’s only my denial that tries to make me stray from the path set out before me. I fight it with all of my might. There is wilderness ahead, danger I can avoid if only I turn my feet around and go back the way I came.

The pull of destiny and my need to escape it tears me asunder, and in my mind I scream for the hag to turn the last card. Finish this—save me somehow.

She does, and everything stills once more. Breath leaves me, as desperate to escape as my own soul. The card is Death. The salvation I demanded stares at me from black holes in a bare skull. This card doesn’t move; doesn’t change. It is absolute.

Possible points: 7

Complete contest rules here.

3 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Excerpts Contest Day 3”

    1. Hehehehe you are to kind! The only thing I remember anymore are the books I read, fer reals there have been days when I have to think about what my name is no joke ack!

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