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The Beast gets a new ending


I am breaking my own rule and rewriting the end chapter of The Beast. I am not happy that I have to do it, but it must be done and I am just OCD enough to want to do it. I console myself with the thought that, as my very first self-publishing project, it was bound to have issues and it is my responsibility to fix it. And also to learn from it and never again repeat this mistake.

I am doing this revision for two reasons: One, because this story deserves a better ending than it got when it was just chapters posted on my blog. And two, because I am going to make the special combined edition available in print and I want my readers to get their money’s worth. At the moment, I am in the final stages of preparing the print proof and hopefully it should be ready for consumption sometime this week. The ebooks will follow once this is finished.

The Beast by itself will continue to be available for free at Smashwords and all their distributors. If you previously downloaded it, you should have no trouble getting the new version once it’s out there. For those who purchased the entire series in one volume through Amazon, I believe when I mark it as having had extensive revisions, you should be able to download the new version for free as well. I hope. I’ve never done this before so I’m not quite sure how it works 🙂 Bear with me, I will post updates as I have them and let you know when the print and new e-versions are live.

Thank you to everyone who downloaded this story and took the time to tell me how much they loved it. It is my hope that you will love this new ending even more. 🙂

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