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Hilo-ho-ho and Happy AAAAHHHGHH!


Hi again! It’s me. Aly. I am taking a moment away from my WIPs for a tiny update. You may have noticed me posting strange little snippets and excerpts on my Facebook profile. I am not too proud to admit that was a bit of bragging on my part. I am now 42,000 words deep into Wolfen and the things my fingers type out sometimes give me pause and make me wonder where the hell it came from. Not me, surely. This is like Big Time novel-talk. I’m small beans…

Pause for the inevitable scoffing fit.

Okay, moving on! Since it’s the month of all things scary, and since I have neglected my blog and website for a whole month, I thought it was time for some autumn cleaning. You will now find Wolfen listed on my menu under Books. If you click it, you will find a tiny excerpt and a link to a Q&A section where I have addressed some inquiries that have come my way on account of those strange little snippets I mentioned. Good times. =)

And that’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

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