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How Fickle, O Muse, Thou Art – A Writer’s Dilemma

My last “State of the Author Address” was back in May, and a lot has happened since then, so I figured it was time for another one.

The good news is, I’m still alive and writing. Yey! I have again mired myself in several projects at the same time and I know there are at least a few readers out there wondering when the next book in the series will come out. I’ll get straight to the point on that one:

ComingsoonBlood Hunt is at about the halfway point. I was much farther along, but then had to go back and do some serious martial arts restructuring. Some characters got dropkicked out of the plot, others somehow managed to sneak in while I wasn’t looking and started taking over the book. I have to keep an eye on those people… In any case, all told, I cut out about 10,000 words, a considerable chunk, but I added considerably more. From this point on, even though I theoretically have roughly 30,000 more words to my name, I am about to scrap most of them in a total rewrite. In short, the overarching plot of this book has changed, which means this might take longer than anticipated. But I am still pretty confident of a 2014 release. If that changes, you’ll hear it from me first. =)

DragonbornNow, Dragonborn, on the other hand, is having no such issues. It just needs me to get back to it so I can finish. I am slightly past the halfway point and so far it’s going exactly as it needs to go. I have maybe a chapter or two I want to go back and edit before I keep going, but it’s hardly a noteworthy change. My characters are behaving (probably because Loki is still locked up), everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing (which so rarely happens to me LOL) and the only reason I am giving them a break is that I think I exhausted them. They need their rest for a bit. However, unless disaster strikes, I am hoping for this to be a 2014 release also. Fingers and toes crossed.

WolfiesHere comes the bad news. After struggling with the plots and characters for over eight years on and off (yes, you read that right) I have been forced to acknowledge that my wolf shifter series isn’t going to happen. I know I’ve been hinting at it, posting short stories of side characters, and given my love of wolves and werewolves, it’s really weird that I can’t do it. Actually, I think that’s the reason why I can’t do it. I love them too much, I’m too close to the topic, and every word I write or rewrite is dragging out of me. Painfully. Writing should not be a chore. If it’s painful to write, it will be painful to read and I won’t do that to my readers. So, even though I have one book in a complete (though messy and, let’s face it, just not good) first draft and a third of the next one written out, I am sorry to announce these stories are being put away in my Box of the Forgotten. Maybe one day I will come back to them, but for now, there are too many eager stories in my brain, clawing their way out for me to go digging and fighting with ones that resist me every step of the way.

ExtraAnd the unexpected news. Another story has taken root in my brain and will not let me go. You may have noticed a tiny preview of it posted on my Facebook page. At over 20,000 words to date, a title and a rough draft of a cover page waiting in the wings, I think it’s safe to say this one will be getting out there at some point. Possibly soon, depending on how long this flood if inspiration and encouragement lasts. It is titled Wolfen and is unlike anything you have read from me so far. I’m talking completely different genre. If The Blood Series demonstrated what happens when DNA experiments go right, Wolfen is what happens when they go very, very wrong. It is harsh, it is gritty, post-apocalyptic monster goodness (and I am told by my betas somewhat of a nailbiter). I am as yet undecided how much romance will go into it (a disclaimer I am putting out there early on to avoid confusion later). I am also debating whether or not it requires a different pen name to distinguish it from my other books. My first thought is no, but we will see once I get closer to the finish line.

On a more personal note, the last few weeks have been a little overwhelming for me, in many aspects. My family has suffered some tragedies, there have been difficulties at work and at home, but also some wonderful things that happened, all of which kept me off kilter and very, very engaged in a lot of things at the same time. I won’t lie, it’s been exhausting. I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who knew the details and supported me and my family through this time. Thank you also to those who didn’t know, but filled my inbox and Facebook news feed with beautiful, fun, inspiring and unknowingly encouraging posts and messages.

And I save my biggest thank you for last: Thank you, dear readers, for taking the time and taking chances on new authors and new books, mine among them. Thank you for asking me, “When is the next one coming out??” for telling me how much you loved reading my stories, for sharing them with your friends and loved ones. Thank you for showing your support to authors both indie and traditionally published. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading and sharing your love of the written word.

And also thank you for reading to the end of this very long post.



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