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State of The Author Update

After all the DIY stuff, I figured it was time for something different. I’ve been pretty active (for me) on Facebook which is where I post most of my updates, but it’s nice to post them here sometimes too. So what’s been going on?

DragonbornI am currently dividing my time between Dragonborn and Blood Hunt. Recently Dragonborn has hijacked my brain and I have been writing up a storm every time I have a day to myself. As soon as I finish this post, I will be getting right back to it. The novel is now over halfway finished and going very well, so I changed up my website a bit to put it in the In The Works section. It doesn’t mean I have given up on Blood Hunt (see below). I am also updating the Glossary as I go so there are a bunch of new terms and phrases. If I’m not careful, that page is going to turn into an Aegiran-Common dictionary.

ComingsoonFor those of you eagerly awaiting Blood Hunt, I’m sorry to say it probably will not be finished this year. Like Dragonborn, it is about half done, but I’ve run into several snags I have to go back to correct and it will take time. I’m talking things like character inconsistencies, awkward scenes that don’t necessarily have to be there, weird dialogues… basically a major edit/revision. I’m not taking it off the table (never! Pixie would eat me alive) but I have to work with the canvas my muses stick in front of my nose and right now that’s not Blood Hunt. It’s still very much alive and kicking, just not fresh on my mind. I will get to it, I promise. 🙂

Now, as fate would have it, life decided to interfere with my ambitions. I was hoping to make it to Authors After Dark this year (as a guest, not a featured author) but unfortunately I will not be able to make it. The time and financial considerations are simply not there. Hopefully next year, though. In the meantime, all this means is that I will have more time to write, which is always a good thing. I know I tend to get ahead of myself sometimes, push myself too hard and lose sight of why I do this.

I write because I love writing. And it never fails, the second I start treating this as a job or a career that requires my appearance and participation, I get blocked and my stories become crap. So rather than become a socialite in love with her own spotlight (trust me, nobody likes that, least of all me) I am just going to keep on typing away in my little writing den. Really, it’s the stories that should be out there, not the author behind them, right?

Until next time!

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