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The Evolution of a Cover – The Royal Wizard

The Evolution of a Cover - The Royal Wizard

This series started when publishing wasn’t even a pie in the sky dream yet. It was a time when all I did was write as fast as I could because there were stories that wanted to be told and they waited for no one. But that didn’t mean I couldn’t keep things in style. My very first editions all got printed and bound in the local FedEx Kinkos (back when those still existed) and, of course, when you have a “bound book” it needs something better than a title and author name printed on a blank page. Thus, the first cover for The Royal Wizard was born.  You can see where things went from there. The Royal Wizard was the first full-length novel I self published and the first one I set up for print, just to have a copy of my own. I took care to make sure it would look good on my shelf and, I must say, I’m very happy with the results. Both the first edition, and the most current one.

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