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Lessons In Life and Novel-ing

8 thoughts on “Lessons In Life and Novel-ing”

  1. I was not expecting to see your picture when I finished reading. And those elfish ears grew from all this wisdom, ya dang elf woman. Lol seriously though, I read every bit of this and thought it was very helpful and my favorite bit was about embracing all that you are and not allowing others to pressure you into believing the labels they made. Being completely and utterly yourself is the most liberating feeling!

    1. It really is. But I think what will be even better will be the day I no longer have to explain all this either to myself or to others =) Thanks for reading! lol I have a tendency to get ranty sometimes but I try not to do it too often.

  2. Thank you for sharing these thoughts – I especially loved the multi-hats idea as this is something I do myself. Don’t ever change the diversity in your life as your life is uniquely YOU:)

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