A Very Naughty Pack New Year

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And now I would like to introduce the younger members of the wolf pack. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the shenanigans of youth.


A Very Naughty Pack New Year


When some moneyed brat says, “You smell like pound,” it sucks. When a wolf says it, well, boy, you better start running. That was what his classmate said, anyway. The thing was, for said classmate, “pound” meant orphanage. For Jon it literally meant dog pound. And the thing about wolves is, you can’t run from them when you’re locked in a cage.

“Score!” a kid yelled from the room the dude was taking him to and Jon twisted his arm in his grasp to get free.

“Stop, or I smack your nose with a newspaper,” the wolf growled.

“That only works on dogs,” Jon retorted, but he did settle. He’d seen Joe bare his fangs and had no wish to be on the receiving end of them. Ever. Which was why he had decided the moment he was out of that pound cage that he would never be too proud to hide from him behind Mia.

Joe opened the door and shoved Jon through. “Happy new year. You get a buddy,” he said. “Don’t eat ’em.” And then he just walked away, leaving Jon alone to face the six wolf pups, all between ages of fourteen and eighteen, staring at him like he was prey. Gulp, much?

“Who are you?” the only female in the group asked.

“What are you?” A tall boy with a fearsome frown added. “You smell like–”

“Don’t say pound,” Jon said.



“Sports team affiliation.”

Jon looked from pup to pup, wondering which they wanted him to answer first.

“Are you deaf?”

“Leave him alone, he’s obviously scared,” the female said.

“Dude, he’s like ten feet tall and built like a tank!” the frowner retorted.

Jon hunched his shoulders. So he was a little big for his age. And his species. His Nana used to joke that he’d inherited the primordial gene from way back when their kind used to be really huge. If so, then that gene only applied to his human form. Which kind of sucked when you met a mouthy shifter and he wolfed out on you, and then the shifter laws compelled you to change too. On the other hand, a fight survived by making the enemy laugh too hard to attack was still a fight survived.

“Don’t mind him,” one of the smaller ones said, smirking. “He hasn’t had his daily dose of Power Rangers yet. I’m Tim. If you call me Tiny Tim I will eat you.”

“And I’m Matt,” the frowner said, putting an arm around the female. “And this here is my future mate, Chloe.”

The other boys snorted. “You wish.”

Matt growled at them and Mia rolled her eyes, shoving Matt’s arm off her. “I’m gonna go talk to Joe. You lot behave.”

They waited until she left to start the hazing. And you really haven’t known fear until you’ve had a mini pack of wolves cant their heads low and circle you while sniffing the air trying to suss out what you are. Or rather, how eatable you might be.

“You still haven’t told me your name,” Matt said.

“You haven’t asked me nicely,” Jon replied with a shrug.

One of the others gave a toothy grin. “Bet I can get it out of him.”

Tim snorted. “Bet he’ll tell Chloe.”

Jon blushed. Yeah, he would tell her if she asked. She was really cute for a wolf and the only one who hasn’t looked at him like dinner. Yet. To cover it up, he drew his shoulders back and met Matt’s gaze head on. “Bet I can get to second base with her faster than you.”

“Whoa.” The rest of the boys drew back like Matt was about to explode.

“You think you’re funny, new guy?”

Jon shrugged.

“Well I got three words for you. Never. Gonna. Happen.”

“We’ll see.”

Matt frowned, canting his head to the side. He sniffed, then leaned far into Jon’s personal space to sniff some more. When he drew back again and smirked, Jon figured he thought he had it made.

But before he could do anything about it, the pups scattered back to their places and Chloe returned. “Joe says Mia adopted him into the pack and he was serious about the not eating rule.”

“He tell you what the new guy is?” Matt asked.

“No, why?”

Matt smirked again. Stupid smirker. He looked at Jon and ordered, “Shift.”

“Don’t feel like it.”

Matt snarled. “I tell you to do something, boy, you hup to, got it?”

“Not really. Maybe you need to explain a little better. Like, what does ‘hup to’ mean?”

Chloe snorted a laugh but stopped herself and made her face blank, but her eyes were dancing. Progress.

All the boys were on their feet again. “I said, shift.” Matt growled.

Jon looked to Chloe.

She shrugged. “I’d help ya out, kid, but I kinda wanna know too.”


“C’mon. It can’t be that bad.” Then she smiled in encouragement and Jon sighed like that cartoon skunk always chasing after a cat.

“Fine,” Jon said. He took hold of the bottom of the t-shirt Joe had given him (which was tight across the shoulders anyway) and pulled it off over his head. He might have flexed a little for Chloe too. But he’d totally deny that in a court of law. When he started unzipping his pants, though, the males started snarling, so he left them on for the moment. “Okay stand back.”

They did, the boys chuckling and whispering to each other the entire way. When they were a fair distance away that he could make a run for it if they lunged, Jon shifted and watched the world grow humongous around him. When before he was looking down on everyone here, now he had to crane his head back just to see their faces. He struck the cutest pose he could think of and blinked, swishing his tail.

Pallas wild cat

Before the boys could get their ribbings in, Chloe gasped, her eyes huge. “Kitty!” she squealed and rushed him before anyone could stop her. She scooped him up in her arms, hugged him to her chest and made weird baby noses while petting him behind the ears.

Jon purred. Yeah, he was weak, but it just felt so damn good. And when he saw the other boys gaping at him, Jon stuck his little feline tongue out at them and nuzzled into Chloe’s cleavage.

Take that, alpha wannabe.

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118 thoughts on “A Very Naughty Pack New Year

  1. Rae M.

    I would have done the same thing as Chloe! A so cute cat. I would rushed over and picked him up in a heartbeat!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Alianne

      Hehehe in my ideal world, there would be two kinds of shifters: big scary awesome, and cute fluffy cuddles. Hey, a girl can dream, no? ;D Thanks for stopping by!

  2. morris_2

    Love the Blog Hop.. It has introduced some romance authors I wasn’t aware of yet. Have added you to my favorites so I can come back and visit .

  3. Maria D.

    I loved the excerpt! Thanks for sharing it – definitely adding this series to my list.

    Happy New Year and Thanks for being a part of the hop.

    junegirl63 at gmail dot com

  4. April Holgate

    So, I read all the were posts!! Love them and wondering if it is a series or just generator write you do for hops? Cause I gotta tell ya I would love to read this as a series! I am dyng for more!!

    • Alianne

      Hi April. Thank you so much! These started out as short stories for my friends. I do have a series of books planned (with a few of the characters here in supporting roles) but it keeps getting delayed. At some point, though, I will have full-length novels and then I plan on publishing these shorts as a companion collection to the series. I will update if/when new developments happen =)

      Thanks for reading!

  5. pc

    Loved this…thanks for sharing! Your series looks like a fantastic read I’ll check out! Have a fabulous 2013!

  6. valeriecwatkins

    Oh I loved that I was not expecting that. Heading to Barnes and Noble to search out and add your books to my wish list. Have a Happy and Safe New Year

  7. Amy McDonald

    I so love the way this book sounds!! can’t wait to read more!!! Thanks for sharing, this is a great way to find new authors!!! Happy New Year!!!

  8. Christina

    What a great teaser! Can’t wait to read more! Will definately add to my must read list 2013! Thank you for joining the blog hop! Happy New Year everyone!

  9. A. Catherine Noon

    I love it! Totally didn’t see the kitty part coming, either; I was expecting a terrier or something. Awesome!

    Happy New Year!

  10. arswthrt

    LOL That was just too funny! Have to admit, I wasn’t expecting that.
    Best wishes for the new year!
    Christine S
    cms72023 at gmail dot com

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