Now Show Me Your Angry Face!

New Orleans during Halloween time is nothing short of amazing. One of the best vacations I have ever taken and a lot of what made it great is my friends. See this picture? It is my new author picture. It was taken by my friend Mia, who is as great a photographer as she is director. She didn’t hesitate to growl at me when I moved, or insisted on keeping my glasses on my face. This is probably one of the times I was laughing at the funny noises she made whenever I twitched just as the camera clicked.

I also have huge thanks to give to my friend Dacia, a master designer and make up artist for making me look beautiful, and Joy for assisting Mia at the photo shoot, and adjusting my hair about a dozen times, and helping to choose just the right location and pose. They also did the same for my friend Rebekah Lewis, who just so happened to be celebrating her brand new book release while we were there. If you are looking for a fresh new outlook on paranormal romance, check out Wicked Satyr Nights. It’s very next on my TBR list 😉

And if you’re curious about what the rest of my photo shoot was like, check these out:


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