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The Vacation Gallery

Ahhh, sun, mountains, sheep… nothing better to unwind from a hectic life and relax for a while. I’ve been somewhat MIA lately, because I was on vacation with limited internet access. A double-edged sword, that, LOL On the one hand, it’s great because I didn’t have to spend every moment of every day checking email, aggravating my wrist and straining my eyes, but on the other hand I’ve become so attached to this particular piece of electronic equipment that it makes me nervous when I don’t have it nearby. And as someone who’s had a computer crash a few times in the past, losing a huge chunk of material in the process, this is not an idle worry.

But since I’m back now, I thought I would hop on here and share a few pictures from where I’ve been. Click to enlarge and enjoy! This is probably my all time favorite destination. What’s yours?


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