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Things Long Overdue

This past month has been one thing after another and me turning in the whirlwind they created. Most of it was good, some really good, some not so much. I finally got back here to check on stuff and realized I’d neglected things again. *sigh* I thought I was getting better at this LOL

So here is an update on a few things. Firstly, the technical. I went back and updated all my old blog posts to sort them into categories (which you can now see in the sidebar). There were MANY, from two different blogs. Yes, I should know better. But now I do. Really. =) So everything is once again organized into some semblance of order. Yay for small victories.

Secondly, what’s coming up. That would be Blood Debts, which is due to come out September 10th of this year. The manuscript is currently in the capable hands of my editor, and hopefully I will soon have a cover to show off and brag about. It’s not finished yet, but the draft I saw is looking fantastic!

Much sooner, though, I will be participating in another fun Blog Hop put on by your friendly and fabulous ladies at Mark your calendars for June 20 (Wednesday) through June 24 (Sunday). Grand prize to be announced soon, but you know us–it’ll definitely be something to salivate over.

And thirdly, random stuff. I’ve been on a pseudo vacation from writing to give my wrist a break. Every time I think I’m back to normal, I get back to it and regret it the next day, so this time I want to give it at least a month before I do any marathon typing sessions. It would be driving me nuts if I wasn’t currently blocked on the projects I have going on.

One of these is in the Finished First Draft stage, except it’s such an unholy mess I am reluctant to look at it again. I am also at a loss for names and titles, which for me is like hitting a brick wall. There aren’t a lot of things I obsess about, but this is one of them. The names have to fit the story, otherwise I keep snagging on them each time I see them. And it just so happens that there are several in this story which just are not working–including the title.

The other is in the In Process stage. Nowhere near done, but shaping up nicely. I just have to go back and add some background for my characters, then write the second half of it LOL I don’t really have a set guideline for it in terms of length. I am flying by the seat of my pants and resloved to let the story rest where it wants to, whether it’s at 60,000 words or 120,000. Though I seem to be somewhat long-winded with this particular world so it will probably be on the longer side of the spectrum.

Right now it’s a coin toss as to which one will be submitted first. I have until the end of this year to figure it out. Should be doable…

Famous last words, eh? =)

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