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Blood Trails ARC giveaway.

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Actually, it’s better. I’ll be giving away two autographed e-versions of Blood Trails (PDF format). It’s my beach vacation time, which Hailey would very much approve of, so in her honor, I’m going to make it very easy and laid back. No hoop jumping, no tests.

Two prizes means two chances to win. The deadline for both is midnight (11:59pm to make it clear) PST on September 18th, so you have a week and a day to enter. The prizes, as I said, are two autographed PDFs of Blood Trails ARC (advanced reading copy). And yes, if you win, you will get it before the release date.

How to play:

1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me where your favorite vacation spot is. I will choose a winner at random from all the comments.

2. “Like” my Facebook Page. I will pick the second winner at random again.

Winners will be announced at both places on Monday, September 19th. Good Luck!

32 thoughts on “Blood Trails ARC giveaway.”

  1. My favorite vacation spot is Shasta in California. I love how quaint the town is, that is has beautiful rivers and mountains just intertwined with the daily hustle-bustle, and I used to go there all the time as a kid so it somehow feels like a vacation and a second home!

      1. It’s gorgeous!! If you’re gonna holiday there you should go to the south, to the Languedoc-Roussillon… Narbonne, Montpellier, Carcassonne are all amazing.

  2. Eerrrm… I keep meaning to go to The Exclusion Zone around Chernobyl. That’s where I want to go more than any other place in the whole wide world. At least until society creates the dude version of Hooters. I would go there as well.

    Out of the places I’ve been? Paris. The city is as beautiful as the drivers are dangerous.

  3. WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!! Yer giveaways rock!!! My favorite vacation spot is where ever me and ma best friends happen to be at together *le winky wink* And it’s all that much better if there’s karaoke involved *evil grin*

  4. My fav vacation spot is Inverness Scotland – love the hills, mist and atmosphere failing that Muskoka in Northern Ontario – again, lakes, mist, silence and atmosphere with nights so dark the stars seem touchable!

  5. Hi Alianne!!!
    I am very excited about this new release to the series… after reading Blood Moons I am definitely a fan! And just like first… the cover on this one is outstanding! Seriously, poster-worthy!!

    My favorite vacation spot? A little place called LaPush Beach by Forks, WA. I simply can not get enough of the peace and the beauty that surrounds that place… it is truly a magical experience! The last time I went, I swear I came back so refreshed and well rested. Had some of the best sleep I’ve ever had there too. Now I really want to go back:)

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    *”Liked” your FB page!

    1. Hi Yadira! Thanks! That’s really great to hear. I am absolutely enamored with the Blood Trails cover. I think it might possibly be the best cover ever created but I might be a tad biased in my opinion ;D

      And LaPush Beach sounds like a dream. I will have to visit one day.

  6. My favorite vacation spot would be the Italian coastline off of the Adriatic. Just going on places I have been and I was so at peace when I used to drive an hour south from base and pick a spot along the coast. There were five different resort areas and my very favorite was the town of Caorle. Lovely little place and the beach was so calming. I could relax there and hav no worries. Then we would pack up our beach gear and head to the gelateria. We’d follow up our gelato with a slice of real pizza and head home. The drive was always beautiful and although I have traveled to fancier places or resorts since then, those memories are with me forever.

  7. My vacation spot right now is almost anywhere in the Rocky Mts.; Tenn, Georgia, the Carolinas, Kentucky, almost anywhere there is water and mountains. I enjoy the beauty, peace, and serenity of mountians and water. (or a Maniac Gathering is always good for my soul!)

  8. The Czech Republic. The beauty of the city, the friendliness of the people, the history, the fun and the food and all Czech people speak flawless English.

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  10. Hi Alianne! Looking forward to Blood Trails release!
    I have two spots – Lake Tahoe and Cambria CA. Tahoe is great anytime of the year and Cambria is just an sweet little beach town (that’s saying a lot, because I’m not a beach person!)
    Thanks for the contest!

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