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Computronics Galore

I just GIMPed this picture while searching for images online and logging into this blog to post an update. My new computer is a DREAM to work with. My old one would have frozen just running GIMP. It took me most of the day to set it all up and transfer my files but now that it’s done, I just sit back and play. I do so love to play with new toys ;D

I predict many days spent very productively on a lot of unimportant games. But hey, how can I resist when this thing is so nice at doing exactly what I tell it to?

That is my biggest update for today. A smaller one is that Blood Trails is still in editing but a tentative release time frame has been set for end of July, beginning of August if all goes as planned. That’s just around the corner! Time to get to work on Blood Debts, don’t you think? Maybe after I play some music on my new computer to put the speakers through their paces. ;D

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