Let The Games Begin!


Happy May Day! Blessed Beltane! Or just a sunny Sunday – whichever you prefer. Welcome to my brand new blog and website! I thought I’d start things off on a fun note, so there are games and stories all around. The big contest is up in the menu… look up, and to the right… that’s it =) That’s the one for the grand prize of an Amazon gift card. This one here is just for fun.

I decided that no birthday party should be without hotties. Sadly, that is the one thing my website currently lacks. Here is my proposition: Gather your friends, call your relatives, spam your coworkers. Reply to this post with a picture of your ideal hero – and I’m talking the kind you would want to star in a romance with. Since this blog is PG-13, though, let’s avoid full frontals, okay?

If we get 25 pictures in comments here I will start featuring one of the hunks’ picture each week for everyone’s viewing pleasure. If we get 100 comments (with or without pictures) I will post a sneak peak excerpt of Blood Trails.

Ready? Get set…. Go!

2 thoughts on “Let The Games Begin!

  1. Miranda Stowe

    Congrats on the new website! I think it’d be hard to find a dream hero that beat the one you show.

  2. Heather V.

    Alrighty, I shall start us off with one of me all time fav’s, feast yer eyes on him ya’ll and enjoy, cuz I do!!!

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