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Ugh, ow, YIKES! Chocolate, please…

How cool is this:


I finally got to go on that skiing trip. 6AM wake up call, 4-hour drive to Lake Tahoe to find that the ice skating rink had melted and was being used for roller skating instead. Big change from last week lol.

My brand new, ten-year-old ski boots, which had been sitting in the freezing cold outside over night, were hard as steel in the morning and I almost broke an ankle trying to get into them. And the whole time I had them on my toes were cramping like crazy. Yep, expert skier here. It also didn’t help that kamikaze snowboarders kept trying to run me over. Or that I’d forgotten to bring my sunglass clips or to apply sun screen to the bottom of my nose. Both are still burning today.

Three runs was about all I had in me. After that, eating a dry hot dog and French fries outside tasted like the best meal I’d ever had and later a 4.5 hour drive back took me from this:


to this:


in a not-quite-smooth-enough transition. So that was my weekend. I really should have found a great picture of some half naked hottie covered in chocolate for this post… anyone have suggestions?

In other news, Karen Marie Moning announced that there will officially be a FeverCon 2011. The interwebs are already buzzing and I just know this one will top last year’s event easily – and that one had been amazing!

The Romance Reviews announced the winners of Best Books of 2010. Blood Moons didn’t win but I am still beyond thrilled that it had been nominated and in such amazing company in this competition – it being my very first published novel and all. I’d like to thank everyone who voted. Your support means a great deal to me. =)

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

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