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Hello world!

Out with the and in with the forever more…

Greetings, fellow citizens of the world! It is I, the author known as Alianne (Aly for short). Yes, I finally put up a picture of me that’s not a sketch by Leonardo DaVinci. Sure, that was a great portrait, put it was so outdated! I don’t want people thinking I’m 600 years old.

Although that would be kind of cool…

Anyway, don’t really have anything to say here, since it all has to do with this website and no one can see that now. When it goes live, someone will look at these blog posts and think I’ve lost my mind. Maybe a little. Erm… or the little I had left(?) Hey! At least I’m not running around blowing bubbles and laughing like a maniac. That will come later, I think.

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