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I’m Not Irish But Kiss Me Anyway

38 thoughts on “I’m Not Irish But Kiss Me Anyway”

  1. What an interesting way to attempt to get into someone's pants. Not sure that would work too well with many people, but who knows. What happens in Ireland stays in Ireland?!?!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, guys! =D

    planterofhoper01, I don't know about others, but it sure would have worked on me! And no LOL what happens in Ireland NEVER HAPPENED ;D

    ReneeRearden, it wouldn't be a proper pick-me-up (pun intended) if it was G-rated. After all that rain, Gin deserves an R at least… maybe some X's lol

  3. Too funny. I loved “Fecking tourist lookinโ€™ for the fecking leprechauns. You want to kiss a Blarney Stone, lass? I got two big ones fer ya right here!โ€

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