So what’s up with you?

I haven’t posted much lately. I got distracted again and again and then I got really busy working on a website I hope to debut soon. You might have noticed the color scheme here has changed, as well as the banner. That’s a little preview of what I’ve got planned. It’s still not ready to unveil, though. I had no idea how much work went into making a website! And I’m not even doing it from scratch. Just… wow.

Good thing I have GIMP and it likes me more than it hates me. I am able to do a number of banners for different sections of the site, which will look amazing – I hope. When it’s all done I’ll post everywhere possible so that people can check it out. There will be a Grand Opening type contest so keep your eyes sharp for announcements.

And here’s one for the nearer future: Another Blog Hop!! This one will be different than the last. It’s a competition of sorts between the writers participating and Your Votes Will Be Needed. It promises to be a really fun one. Can’t miss it!

And if that wasn’t enough The Romance Reviews website will be hosting a MAJOR Grand Opening event running all through the month of March. There are tons of authors participating and there will be games, prizes and a whole lot of fun to be had all around. If you have a minute in March, it’ll definitely be worth checking out.

What do you think?

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