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Happy early Valentine’s Day!

Hope you all are in a loving mood 😉 I know this is just a Hallmark holiday created to make people spend money on weird stuff like eatable underwear , yada yada yada. The way I see it, any day to be nice to each other and enjoy each other is a great thing. So for that reason, I made this bloghop my challenge: A picture says a thousand words. (I think mine came out to a little more than a thousand) I wrote this in an hour and dearly hope I didn’t leave in any typos. Without further ado, here is the picture and the story that goes with it:
Her building didn’t have an elevator. Lisa’s feet were killing her in the new Prada shoes. She toed them off and carried them up the stairs to her luxurious third floor condo. The only thing she wanted now was a hot shower, a good meal, and some quality time with her boyfriend. He’d called her three times today and in the chaos she couldn’t have picked up even once.
Lisa needed Jake now. His arms around her would make everything better, she knew it would.
Key in the lock, Honey, I’m home. But wait. Lisa frowned, backed out into the hall to check the number on the door. Yep, right door. Wrong picture.
Good picture. But wrong.
The lights were turned down low, there were candles everywhere, and rose petals tossed all over the floor – she was so not cleaning those up. Something smelled heavenly in the kitchen and the table was set for two. With her fancy silverware.
Jake leaned back in the kitchen to look out at her. His face split into a brilliant smile and just like that all her aches and pains just faded. “Hey,” he said. “Right on time. I’m almost done.”
Lisa dropped her things where she stood and tiptoed towards the kitchen, avoiding the red petals. Red stains on a white carpet… no. “Hey,” she said, tugging his head down to kiss him. He was tossing something in the wok and her mouth watered for it. She hadn’t had time for lunch and she was starving. “What’s the occasion?”
Jake froze, wok hovering over a serving platter, sauce dripping. He looked at her blankly. “Really?”
Lisa looked behind her. Had she missed something? It wasn’t their anniversary or anything, was it? His birthday was in June, hers in August, they’d met in September… she mentally flipped through the entire calendar of their relationship and nothing jumped out at her. “Are we celebrating something?” she gasped, “Did you get that promotion?”
Really?” he repeated.
“What already?”
Jake plated the food and grinned smugly. “Oh, this is gonna be good.” He wagged his eyebrows as he carried the platter to the table. He seated her, served her, then himself, all the while smiling like he knew something juicy and wasn’t about to tell her until he was good and ready.
Lisa was intrigued.
She tried to pry it out of him during dinner but he wasn’t cooperating. He hedged, changed the subject, or just looked at her with those dark eyes of his burning like the candles between them. Lisa fanned herself, fidgeted in her seat.
When dinner was over she started clearing the dishes. It was only fair. He’d cooked, after all. But Jake took the plates from her. “I got it,” he said. “You go take a bath and relax for a while.”
Lisa narrowed her eyes. “You’re up to something, aren’t you?”
Jake laughed.
He wasn’t about to budge so she shrugged and got out of his way. She could use a nice hot bath. Lisa never got that far. By the time she removed her skirt, peeled out of her thigh highs and undid the buttons of her blouse, Jake was done loading the dishwasher. He came to her already stripping the t-shirt over his head. Her bra hooks came undone while he kissed her nape, her shoulder, her jaw.
Lisa leaned against him and closed her eyes with a sigh. His hands caressed every inch of her body, rubbed tight muscles until they melted beneath his touch. He took his time, made her wait for every little thing but, oh, it was worth it. When he kissed her mouth, she lost her breath. When her knees turned to butter, he caught her against him.
Then she was up in his arms, the hard length of him pressed against her core and he was carrying her to the bedroom. Lisa moaned, digging her nails into his shoulders as he laid her down and thrust against her just to tease. He broke the kiss just long enough to look into her eyes, silently promising a night she would never forget.
It was nearly midnight by the time they came up for breath again. The bed was a mess, the candles had burned themselves out – all but two. Lisa was boneless, blissful. Her eyes wanted to close but she didn’t want to relinquish this night yet.
Jake stretched, smiling like he’d just won the lottery. It had been pretty amazing. Jake made big promises but he delivered on every single count. She wanted to purr just remembering.
She blinked when his hand came back holding a pink envelope. One second. Two. Three. Lisa slapped her forehead. “Valentine’s Day!” She’d completely forgotten.
“Go ahead, open it.”
Lisa took the envelope, snuggled against him and opened it. Inside was a beautiful card with a sepia picture on the front. A man kneeling before his woman with a single rose in his hand. Will you be…
How cute! It was a little late to ask her to be his Valentine now, but it still charmed. Valentine’s Day wasn’t really on her radar – as evidenced by the fact that it had completely slipped her mind. But she could appreciate being appreciated. Very thoroughly appreciated. She smiled at Jake, snuggled closer. She loved this man.
She flipped open the card.
… my wife?
Shock made her fingers go numb and she nearly dropped the card.
A glittering diamond ring appeared in Jakes hand, almost in front of her nose. “I won’t take no for an answer,” he said. The same thing he’d said the first time he’d asked her out.
“Then I better say yes,” she replied, the same way she had that year and a half ago. When he squeezed her tight against him and kissed her deep, she knew it was the best decision she would ever make.

25 thoughts on “Happy early Valentine’s Day!”

  1. You should hear the sexy messages he left on Lisa's phone 😉 She didn't even have a chance to listen to them yet, poor girl. But something tells me she doesn't mind.

  2. Much better than my proposal. I was sick with a head cold/allergies and he was taking care of me and we were talking about asking questions and me denying him and I said you never know until you actually ask the question. So he got down on his knees in front of me on the couch and popped the question. He was actually surprised that I actually said yes.

  3. lol joder, I think they exist in real life too. They just either hide very well or have already been snatched up. *sigh* I wish there were more of them around here…

  4. Awwww Booksrforever123 that's so sweet!
    My guy would probably do it in as inconspicuous a manner as possible. Like while reading a newspaper in the morning he'd say in an offhand way “I think we should get married.”
    And I'd say, “Okay…. Wait, what??”

  5. Oh, That was really cute and hilarious. In the past I too have completely forgotten that it was Valentine's Day. More than once. Yeah.

    Thanks for the story. And no typos that I saw!

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