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The Alpha, The Man’s Man – The Hero

3 thoughts on “The Alpha, The Man’s Man – The Hero”

  1. I feel like there is more pressure from society for men to confirm to a certain ideal from both men and women.

    There is pressure on women to be beautiful, sure, and many take that to mean nice clothes, make up, etc, but I think it's equally common to see the praise or a natural beauty or a sporty type.

    You never really hear anyone sing the praises of a more effiminate male.

    I don't think men or women apply as much pressure to the female gender to conform to one standard of beauty or one personality type. We have our own struggles, of course, but this is one area that I've always felt for men. It's much less ok to be against the norm for men in our society.

  2. Well put Alianne, couldn't have said it better myself.

    I also agree with perkyamber that society is much tougher on men in SOME regards. Like how “easier” it is for lesbians to come out then gay men, especially if you consider their ethnic background. It's “hot and cool” when women get bi-curious and experiment, but men aren't allowed the same?

    Then there's the other side of things. In modern society women are treated more equally, or so we think. There's still a double standard. No matter how “equal” we are in intelligence many men will still see us as the weaker sex, that we need to be protected, and many women we'll still see men as the provider and protector. Humans are complicated creatures.

  3. I agree with both of you to some extent. I think the rigid definitions of gender roles have gotten more lax for both genders but they still exist. Women are still in large part the “preferred” mothers and care givers so to me it would make sense that the men be the “preferred” providers/protectors. The change is the extent. The roles tend to be shared, which is great, but women's roles changed because we demanded it. It sometimes seems like men's changed out of necessity because of that. I can understand why men would look at it as women not knowing what they want lol first we want equality, then we want to be taken care of, but not too much… It would be so much easier if we could just evolve to be mind readers. Of course, then we wouldn't want men to snoop… It's a wonder they put up with us at all LOL

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