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On Pins and Needles

Yes, it’s almost that time. Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning officially comes out on Tuesday. That means only three days left until all the questions are finally answered. I’m so anxious I keep checking my email every hour to see if Amazon shipped my pre-order yet. So far, it hasn’t. I’m so worried that someone will post something between now and the time I get to read it and will totally spoil it for me.
After the leaked chapters scare I don’t even want to check my Facebook. I stopped reading the teasers in KMM’s newsletters because of that, too. I know the book is twice as long as the others, so a few lines here and there can’t spoil much but better safe than sorry lol Not to mention that my friends have gone to the celebration and signing in NOLA (I’m so jealous I didn’t get to go!!) but at least they promised not to tell me any spoilers, even if I ask for them.
It’s a bittersweet wait. After five years, I’m anxious to find out what the heck is going on in Mac’s world, who the real players are – what they are – and whether Christian will finally make it out of the Silvers But at the same time , it’s like a dream will be ending, and I’ll wake up, look around, and be stuck in the same old same old, day after day. The Fever series has touched me, as it has many, many, many others. It’s brought fans together into a community so tightly knit that people who’ve never met before can come together and feel like sisters.
KMM will have another series following on the heels of Fever, set in the same world, and it can’t come soon enough. I’m sorry, I’m greedy that way. And there will (hopefully) be other stuff to look forward to -FeverCon 2011, KMM’s book tour, the much awaited Tarot deck, and of course Shadowsong (when is that shipping out again?) I suppose that will ease the blow somewhat.
So this is my confession. Hi, my name is Alianne Donnelly, and I am a Moning Maniac. Ya got a problem with that? 😉

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