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The Power of Dreams

It’s been proven that people go mad without dreams. Dreaming is our mind’s way of sorting through information our consciousness didn’t have time to while we were awake. It helps us make sense of things, come up with solutions to problems, or just take a break from reality for a while. I know my dreams are very much influenced by my waking life, but I’ve found it works the other way, too.

What I dream influences how I view the world, how I react to it, and in a small way, how it reacts to me. Well, sometimes it’s in a bigger way. And sometimes it’s not quite dreams, more like day dreams… translated onto the page, perhaps. This anecdote is true as I can make it (riddle yourself out of that one lol)
We had a tech guy come to the office where I work to switch some phone extensions. I was minding my own business, doing some work, writing some on the side, a sentence here and there, a paragraph or so then some “real” work. I was writing a scene for Blood Debts, the third in the Blood Series and since I’ve learned a couple of times in the past to back up early and often, I saved the file, sent it to myself, and printed it just in case.
The last two paragraphs I wrote were dialogue:
“Did we lose the signal?”

“I’m not getting anything anymore.”

I clicked on a different browser tab to go back to my work, only the page refused to refresh. I closed it and tried again – nothing. A second later my supervisor comes from the back where the tech is working on the phones and says, “Is your internet working?”
“No,” I say.
“Crap, the tech must have messed up the wires.”
Someone must have heard her and called help desk because five minutes of non-responsive internet later I get a call from them saying they “heard” we had internet problems. So we get into a big, complicated back and forth of checking the wires, the connection to the modem, the modem’s connection to the IP, and discover that everything is fine on our end. It’s our internet provider that’s having issues. No idea when it might be fixed so we inform everyone, half the office leaves, including the tech guy. I try to send out a text message but the attempt fails three times – my service provider is the same as the internet provider.
A half hour later, help desk calls back. Seems the problem was caused by an outage and should be fixed but they don’t know how well it will hold up. Seems the entire city was affected.
Of course, it could all just be coincidence….
…right? 😉

1 thought on “The Power of Dreams”

  1. haha I believe it's synchronicity. It happens a lot to me. I keep track of it, or try to least. Been slacking lately.
    I agree, our reality effects our dreams and vice versa. I know I get a lot of inspirations from my dreams.

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