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It was down to the wire there, I got over 6,000 words done one night and was going to do the last 4,000 the next but at 3,500 my brain just shut down and I had to go sleep. I finished it today with about 500 extra and heaved a sigh of relief. At least one goal fulfilled.

My house is finally back to normal, both bathrooms thankfully operational, and I have a new book case, courtesy of my very sweet, very talented dad. It’s still a little odorous from the laquer but as soon as it airs out my books will have a shiny new home. I can’t wait to put them all in place so I can unpack the last of the boxes.

Tis the season of holidays and I get to look forward to a trip to New York City next week. Maybe it’ll be cold enough for snow. I think I’d like to see a snowy Central Park. Even though California has its share of mountains it’s just not the same as having a blanket of white right in your back yard. Then again, who knows? Maybe in the next few years the weather will make it to just the right level of crazy to give me a white Christmas in the City by the Bay. Hey, a girl can hope.

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