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Blood Moons Release Date 9/27/10

3 thoughts on “Blood Moons Release Date 9/27/10”


    …………?!?!?! OMFG!!! Im so excited/happy/proud/so many things I cant name them all for you!!! Im so so so happy that you have been able to start seeing your dreams come to life! If Ive said it once Ive said it a trillion times, YOU WERE BORN TO WRITE BABE!!! Can't wait for the day when I can say…”I knew her when *holds up blackmail photos* heheheheh” Keep it goin woman the world is always in need of new stories! *HUGZ* NITE CREW!!! mm,
    *whispers to self* now to get her to make the beast into a nice loooong book for me to hold and read, hmmmmmmm…….

  2. *rubs evil lil hands together* Oooh you know I will. Man I cant wait to see ya! *hugz* Can you believe how fast its gone by, crazy I tell ya just crazy! *gets both cameras ready and extra memory cards* ^_^

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