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Writer’s Block

It always comes to that at some point, doesn’t it? I am sitting here, starting at the computer screen, one and a half chapters away from finishing a story, and it’s like trying to pull a hairclip from a wooly sheep. Even writing this post, I don’t really know what I want to say.

I know why I’m blocked, but don’t know how to get over it. And I keep trying to write something – anything at this point – because I want to finally get the first draft finished. John Bon Jovi isn’t helping, either. It’s sad music that just makes me depressed. Probably not a good idea to listen to Always two days before Valentine’s day, while trying to happily wrap up a troubled love story.

I hate writer’s block. It’s the one thing that can make me doubt myself. A bad critique? Just an opportunity to grow. A rejection letter? A challenge. Well, okay, and a little disheartening too. But writer’s block? That’s all me.

I’m not sure if there is anything resembling a cure for writer’s block, but if anyone out there happens to find one, please let me know, will ya?

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