Fantasy on the left, science fiction on the right,
horror in the basement, and romance sprinkled throughout

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Catch Me“I’d like to take a moment to appreciate just how UNBELIEVABLY well the setting in this story was described! […] This is an excellent work of erotic fantasy that I will be recommending for adults seeking a little extra something something to their late night reads.” 5-Stars

Good Books With Tea

Dragonblood“Ms. Donnelly does a masterful job at creating a fantasy world! […] Dragonblood is well written and engaging – Ms. Donnelly deserves praise for both her story and her writing!” 4.5-Stars

InD’tale Magazine

Wolfen“All I can really say is how great this story is. I became enthralled with it from the beginning… This book has a dynamic trio leading its ranks and their story is a must read in my book.” 5-Stars

The Writer’s Inkwell