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Prince of Deceit

A kingdom’s greatest strength is about to become its weakness. When the gods become powerless and there’s nowhere to hide from the End of All, Prince Fal might find one last thread of hope in a girl who lives for books. But can she help him find the right spell before time runs out for them all?



When good intentions make everything go from bad to worse, all Ryan can do is sit back and enjoy his own personal ride to hell. But maybe he can still save the damsel in distress along the way… Hey, a computer geek can be a hero, too! Stranger things have happened…

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Where does a Rebel find the cure for a witch's evil curse? In the arms of another...

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A hero is as a hero does. Down in the blaze of motherfuckin' glory, bitches!

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The Veil is gone. Ragnarok has come. When armies march, an age will end...

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What does a Rebel do when the past he tried to escape chases him into a corner? He bites...

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