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Two decades ago, a deal was struck and a curse was cast. Now, the only hope left for Tir and his tribe is the daughter of his sworn enemy—a woman who carries fire in her very soul. Liadan is a powerful Dragonblood, a skilled fighter, and a woman beautiful enough to melt even Tir’s hate-filled heart. But what if even she can’t defeat his tribe’s demons?

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Where does a Rebel find the cure for a witch's evil curse? In the arms of another...

Exclusive Story

A hero is as a hero does. Down in the blaze of motherfuckin' glory, bitches!

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The Veil is gone. Ragnarok has come. When armies march, an age will end...

In The Works

What does a Rebel do when the past he tried to escape chases him into a corner? He bites...

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