Why Readers Are Awesome (at least certain types…)

Read7Two blog posts in one week! I know, I know, it’s unheard of, but I just came across this article on “Why Readers, Scientifically, Are The Best People To Fall In Love With” and it got me to that philosophical frame of mind again, which demands I share my thoughts. So here they are:

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Wolfen Update

I’ve been a little MIA lately, but wanted to give you a short update on where things stand. My self-edits are all finished on paper, just need to type them into the main file, and then Wolfen the novel is off to my editor on July 14th. Only 4 days left–YIKES!

I am also working hard on something really, really cool, which I hope to unveil somewhere around the release date. I don’t want to do it too soon, because the potential for spoilers is huge, but the handful (read: TWO) people who are seeing it come together assure me that it’s going to “kick ass” and that “people will want sequels” (no, there is no sequel in the works as yet).

Speaking of release dates, nothing is set in stone, but I am roughly aiming for the latter part of 2014. November or December, if all goes well. Cross your fingers and toes!

That’s all I’ve got today.

Author-y Stuff

Happy Friday to all!

WolfenI write to you today for a couple of reasons. The first is to give you an update on Wolfen. Which is that I am about ten chapters away from finishing my first self-edit. And that means after a final read-through to smooth rough edges (hopefully next week), the manuscript will be ready to be sent to my editor! I know it’s stretching long, but I take edits very seriously, as evidenced by a sea of red notes over my manuscript and the wide-eyed look of confused panic people give me when they see it. It’ll get there, I promise :) And it’ll be worth the wait.

The second is to continue my quest to help indie and self-marketing authors out there make a proper splash with their new releases. I want to introduce you all to a new source of background music–with a caveat. Jamendo is a fabulous site, with tons of professional, beautiful tracks, but each artist sets their own type of license for each track they place on the site. Always, always, be it on Jamendo, or any other website, for music, images, animations, etc., check the license to make sure you have permission to use the resource.

And last but not least, in my most recent post about marketing resources I mentioned a little program called Corel Video Studio, which is not free. I know that makes a lot of people wince–it did me, too. But I promised you I would not give you a resource I have not used myself, and to prove to you this program is well worth the investment,  here is a small example, made by me, of what you can do with it:

The ingredients for this came from the following places:

  • Music source: Jamendo (free for some songs)
  • Music editing software: Audacity (free)
  • Images source: FreeImages.com (free), Fotolia (paid)
  • Image editing software: GIMP (free)
  • Video animation source: GiveMeFreeArt.com (free)
  • Video editing software: Corel Video Studio (paid)

And in case you were wondering, The Beast Series is now available in eBook (as individual novellas or complete series) and print format (complete series) at all your favorite online retailers.

Until next time! :)

DIYDay Lesson 20: Author Websites

And we’re back! This time I thought I’d get into a little more detail of things like style, layout and content. Things every author should know and wield with impunity.

First thing’s first. DISCLAIMER: Everything that follows is totally subjective opinion content based on a few years experience trying to sort my own website into some kind of order, and browsing other authors’ websites and (more often than I care to say) cringing at what I found. Take everything you read here with a grain of salt.

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On Readers, Reading, and Literary Snobbery

As you might have noticed, a lot of my recent posts revolve around books and reading. It’s not so much because I am a writer and reader myself, but because I often encounter blogs and articles online featuring subjects that prod at my “This is not okay” meter, and I feel the need to rant. Thanks to this wonderful invention of a blog, I can do that, and you all are forced to hear me out. Muahahahah!

So let’s get to it, shall we? Today’s rant is about literary snobbery and should have an alternate title (which unfortunately did not fit into the title field):

You Are NOT What You Read! (unless you want to be)

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