The Royal Wizard and Dragonblood Series

dbannerCurious things have been happening of late. Ever since I began posting “Dragonborn” news, excerpts, and images on my Facebook page, I’ve had fans of The Elder Scrolls game franchise commenting on the similarities between my book and the games. It surprised me somewhat, because I am not a gamer, and had never heard of these games before the first comments started pouring in.

On their warnings and advice, I did a little research into the matter. What I discovered was that there are no similarities in the structure, plot, or characters between my books and the popular RPG games, other than their being high fantasy and including dragons and other classical creatures of fantasy and mythology. That’s the good news. The bad news, and the source of all these comments, is that the game creators had apparently Trademarked the name “Dragonborn” as a person with the soul and blood of a dragon, and body of a human being. It’s kind of unfair, if you ask me, since dragons are such a huge part of the fantasy genre across the board, especially in romance where they also include an element of shape shifting. I don’t believe any one work of fiction regardless of medium should hold any rights to words associated with a creature so central to the very definition of fantasy, but that’s just me.

Dragonblood ThumbWhile, in the context of my series, “Dragonborn” literally meant someone born or descendant of a dragon, which of course would include having the blood, and at least part of the soul of a dragon, I have absolutely no wish to clash or compete with The Elder Scrolls game creators over the title. Therefore, I have gone through considerable effort this morning to change the titles for my series, as well as the second book in that series from Dragonborn to Dragonblood. This includes changes made not only on the titles and covers, but also in the texts of the books themselves, URL links, tags, and anything else I remembered to change. I can’t go back and change every mention I have ever made of it on social media, but going forward, the series will be referred to by the new name only.

I have already submitted the changes to all the distributors for The Royal Wizard, so they should be appearing everywhere in the next few days. I hope this clears up any residual confusion or worries over possible infringement (of which there is none–I made sure of that) in the future.

Thank you to The Elder Scrolls fans for bringing this to my attention. And thank you to all my readers for your patience and understanding over this necessary change. It will not affect the progress or release schedule for book 2 in the least. Just means the title is now one letter longer. ;)

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

A New Age Dawns


The Blood Series eBooks are now gone for all time. If, by chance, some stores still carry them, they won’t be for long. In their place, the new versions will start popping up for pre-sale, with shiny new covers and price tags, and book 1 is already there for pre-order! Note the specially reduced price on this gorgeous baby: $0.99 on the US side!

Pre-order your copy now at the following retailers:

Smashwords | | |
Barnes & Noble
All Romance EBooks

More to come as they appear where they are supposed to be. You’ll always find the most popular links on the book’s main page.


What’s changed?


Mostly, all that has changed is the look. I have updated the cover, fixed the formatting so there are now distinguishable chapter breaks, scene division, etc. Residual typos and errors have been corrected as well. In terms of content, the story is still the same. I have added maybe one paragraph’s worth of new content to one scene. It doesn’t affect the plot in this book whatsoever, but it does have bearing on book 4: Blood Hunt, which is on schedule to release November or December of this year. The print version of Blood Moons will go on sale on, or shortly after the release date, and autographed copies will be available in my store.

Blood Trails and Blood Debts will re-release on October 10 and October 24 respectively. Much like book 1, the only difference is one or two paragraphs’ worth of new content which doesn’t affect the immediate plot and only serves to create a subtle tie-in to book 4.


Meanwhile, Dragonborn, the sequel to The Royal Wizard is still under construction and on schedule to release in 2016. So much is happening in and around this series that I had to get a dry-erase board to jot down some series notes for continuity. I’ll let you know how that works out. LOL But the biggest news is that it now has an official blurb! And if you’re a writer, you know how big of a deal this is.

Click image to enlarge

Click the image to enlarge

That’s all from my end for the moment. =) More updates to come as they develop.

Until next time!

What Makes A Hero(ine)? A wee rant in defense of one

If actions speak louder than words, why do we fall in love with book characters who do horrible things, simply because we know their intentions are good? Especially in Romance, the hero is usually a man with a past (or even present) filled with many violent deeds that would make us run for safety if we couldn’t see into his thoughts (translate: in real life). But everyone instinctively trusts in him, because we expect the story to have a happy ending–through his actions. Why is that?

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DIYDay Lesson 22: Formatting Books for Print – How Not To Lose Your Everloving Mind

Hello all my fellow authors and followers! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so I thought I would post about something that is of immediate relevance to me, as I am formatting an entire series for print. By myself. It’s going very well, though, thank you for asking. =) But it wasn’t as easy the first couple of times I’ve done it, so I thought I would share a few helpful tips and tricks on how to make the process quicker and much less painful.  So, here we go! For the purposes of this post, I will be using MS Word 2013, but these same tools are available in all versions of MS Word, just in different places. If you’re unsure, Google where to find them. ;)

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Farewell to The Blood Series

Dear friends, followers, and readers,

The last few years have been an amazing ride for me. My writerly journey has taken me to some beautiful places, and it all started with Liquid Silver Books taking me, a complete newbie, under its wing, and making my dreams of being a published author come true.

Now, after a happy 5-year association, for which LSB will always have my undying thanks, I have had to make the decision every writer comes to eventually: to do what is best for me and my books. I love LSB dearly, and always will. They have been nothing but supportive of my efforts to bring my books to readers everywhere. However, having spent the last three years experimenting with self-publishing, it has become clear to me that this is the path I want to take. And so, with my heart full of gratitude, I announce my departure from Liquid Silver Books in order to become a fully self-published author.

On August 31, 2015, Blood Moons, Blood Trails, and Blood Debts, the first three novels of The Blood Series, will be taken down from the virtual shelves, marking the end of an era for me.

September 27, 2010 was the date Blood Moons first appeared online. September 27, 2015 will be the date it will make its reappearance as the first Blood and Shadows novel to be independently published in both digital and print format. October 10 will mark the re-release of Blood Trails as book 2 in the Blood and Shadows series. It will be followed by book 3,  Blood Debts on October 24, 2015. All of this will lead up to the debut of Blood Hunt, the fourth Blood and Shadows novel, this winter (actual release date to be announced). And yes, for the first time ever, all of them will be available in print as well.

For the many of you who have already purchased and read these books, know that there will be no changes made to the plots, barring a handful of words here and there, and some corrections to leftover errors. The only telling difference is the series name and the covers. Each book will also be enrolled in the Amazon MatchBook program to give you a significant discount on the eBooks when you purchase both digital and print versions.

So, my honored friends, I would now like to bid farewell to The Blood Series:

Blood Moons  Blood Trails  Blood Debts  BloodHunt

And (re)introduce you to the books of Blood and Shadows:

NewBloodMoons  NewBloodTrails  NewBloodDebts  NewBloodHunt

With the caveat that there might possibly be more of them to come in the future. Plot bunnies… They just snuck up on me.

Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support my writing. It means the world to me that readers all over the world are enjoying the stories I write.

Until next time!

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