Introducing: The #Wolfen Hula Babe

Hula Dear friends and readers,

I’ve been sitting on this for quite a while, debating the wisdom of dipping my feet into something like this, and in the end decided I’d rather do one thing well, than a thousand things poorly.

For those of you who’ve already read Wolfen, you might recognize this little hula gal as the secret Aiden had stashed in the side compartment of his car. You might also recognize the quote as Aiden’s signature Zen philosophy on life. It has become my adopted motto in life as well, and the Hula Babe has become a de facto mascot for this book. I originally put her on a mug solely for myself (and you may have seen pictures of it on my Facebook page) and kept her a well kept secret until now, waiting to see how Wolfen the book would be received before I did anything dramatic and over the top.


Let me assure you this is not the start of a merchandise store. I most likely will not be doing this for any other book, or any other design. The only reason I am even putting this doll out there is because it has special meaning to me. She is my souvenir from the world of Wolfen, now happily sitting on the edge of my writing desk and singing her ukulele dreams in my ear. I will admit I am a little possessive of her, so I can’t and won’t sell her or give her away, but I still wanted to share her with the world somehow, and the best way I knew how was to put her on a mug.

So, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to the Society 6 Hula Babe line of high quality art-printed products.* Maybe now someone else’s day can be brightened as much as mine is whenever I look at it. :)

s6*Prices for these items are pre-set by Society6, and I unfortunately have no control over them, but, having tested several of them out myself, I can vouch for the quality of their products. 

The Feels! They Are Everywhere… Wait, what?

I don’t know when it became acceptable to use “feel” as a noun, and I’m not sure I care for it much. I am still hoping it’s one of those trends that will naturally wither and die with time. You know, like “twerking.” O.o


Anyway, the topic of today’s essay is emotion. We all know those sappy people who always cry at the ASPCA commercials and can’t watch The Notebook without falling into a depression for a week after. Incidentally, I happen to know someone who doesn’t seem to evince much empathy at all. I will be using person X as a guide for this post, because it seems there are Xs on both sides of the equation I am studying, and even some in the middle.

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Wolfen Stuffs…


Hello everyone! This is an official Wolfen update. With the book out on virtual shelves for a week and a day now, I thought it was time to catch you up on a couple things. First, a little hiccup. Which is not actually that little. Funny thing happened when I made Wolfen available in print… CreateSpace decided to send it out to expanded distribution with a price tag of $200… needless to say, I was not amused. I was even less so when I contacted them and was told there would be no way to expedite the correction of this, and that the proper price of $25 would not show up until January 1, 2015. So, at the moment, the listing on Barnes & Noble looks like this:

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Happenings and Goings On

Greetings! Keeping this short and sweet to let you know about stuff going on and coming up. Take note and check it out!

  1. Series Starter Promotion at iTunes: iBook users, take advantage of this limited time promotion Starting today until Jan 6, Blood Moons is FREE at this link right here. What are you waiting for? Go grab it! ;)
  2. Discounts at Smashwords: For the same time period, from today until Jan 6, The Royal Wizard is 75% off with coupon code UV58C at this link right here. That makes its price $1.00 even. Also, if you’re looking for a quick, exciting read, Virtual will be FREE with coupon code KR55Y at this link right here.
  3. Wolfen RELEASE DAY: It’s almost upon us! Sunday, 12.21.2014 is the day Wolfen officially releases all over the world!! :D If you missed the daily posts, you can still find them on my Facebook page album here.WolfenTimelineWhole
  4. 12 Days of Holiday Magic Author Reader Event: 12 days of games, giveaways and freebies are happening right now over at Facebook. I am taking over for an hour on Sunday, 10:00 am PST. There will be some cool stuff up for grabs so be sure to RSVP at this link and check it out. 10392458_363530650491313_3851248389223258964_n

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday Season!

May all your wishes come true!

#Wolfen is here… pre-order now!

Light1A little over a year in the making, my baby is finally finished and set loose upon the world! In a manner of speaking…

After 9 months of intensive writing, a month of self-edits and 3 more in professional edits, Wolfen has emerged at 185,000 words, 69 chapters, and a whole lot of awesome. And the best part: It’s now available for pre-order at Smashwords and Amazon (with other outlets to follow very soon)! For those of you impatient to sink your teeth into it, you can read the first 20% of the book at the Smashwords link. You’ll meet some pretty out-there characters within its pages, and maybe sleep with the lights on for a few nights. Or not. You know, whatever floats your boat. ;)

Beginning December 1st, I will be posting fun little Wolfen-related things daily leading up to the official release date on December 21st, so if you haven’t followed me on Facebook yet, now would be a great time!

And now, to celebrate this momentous occasion, I give you the official Wolfen book trailer:

Some Things Can’t Be Duplicated

Late night conversations never go the way I expect them to. A couple nights ago, I had one that reminded me of someone I hadn’t thought about in a long time. I hope you’ll forgive me this little stroll down memory lane. :)

Years ago, almost a decade now, Serendipity veered me off my la-dee-da straight and narrow to cross paths with a singularly fascinating man. He wasn’t just smart, he was wise–a quality not easily borne by people so young. Brilliant man. Beautiful writer. He used to keep this blog where he would document his travels and experiences. Nothing special on the face of it, but his style was so unique, he could draw you into the scene, make you feel so many complex things you never would have expected them. He would describe a two-hour flight, and a conversation with the woman sitting next to him, and at the end of it you were bereft, yearning for some sort of continuation, a full novel, a lifetime as rich with meaning and emotion as those two hours had been. He wrote and treated his life the way novelists do their most cherished fictional characters.

This man had an incredible impact on my writing. Unfortunately, as happens in life, our paths diverged again and we fell out of touch. It is unlikely he will ever read this, but if he does, I’d want to thank him. He didn’t just change the way I write, he changed the way I perceive and think. In the most unassuming way, he taught me by example what is truly important in life.

He told me about a time when someone had callously stolen one of his tales and published it as their own. I was livid on his behalf. I told him, “I hope you sued the hell out of them!”

He replied simply: “No, I didn’t.”

After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked him why. Why on Earth would he have let something so personal and intimate be taken and bastardized, put out for public consumption without his say so?

Now, we were discussing this through an IM program, but I could imagine him shrug when he said it didn’t matter to him. He said the story was just that, words on a page, nothing more. The experience itself was too deep to ever be ripped off. The person who’d stolen from him had only taken an echo, without any understanding of what had truly transpired. That event, every nuance of feeling, every sight, sound, touch, taste, thought, and emotion, belonged to him alone, and no one could ever touch it, corrupt it, or take it from him.

I quietly shook my head, baffled by this, but the more I thought about it, the more sense it made. I have always had one foot in Dreamland. From as far back as I can remember, my memories are interspersed with events that only transpired in my head. They are just as rich, just as poignant as the memories themselves. I know the people I imagine. I know how they look, the sound of their voices, their drink of choice, those annoying little habits that drive people mad. I know what makes them laugh, what makes them cry…

Who else but me would know all these things? How could they possibly hope to capture the true essence of a person without knowing them first? They can’t. And that’s the bottom line. The reminder of that, of my long lost friend, and the wisdom he’d shared, made me smile. The story had been related to me before my first book ever got published and, as a result of the understanding I’d gained from it, I’d never been worried about my books being replicated. Being able to put into words why that is so, however, is a new development, and one most welcome.

Until next time! :)

A Wee Little Poll: Would you…?

Greetings, friends! I am taking a small break from editing/formatting to ask a question. I have reached a beautiful milestone in my writing career. For the first time ever, I am being asked for a signed paperback copy of a book that has not even been released yet! I am absolutely ecstatic about the excitement Wolfen is generating out in the world, and it got me thinking that, since I can’t do a book signing in person, I might be able to do one online.

My question to you is as follows: Would you want to purchase an autographed copy of the book? It would be sold through eBay and have a personalized message (if you want one). The cost might be slightly higher than the retail price to account for shipping, etc. but I’d do my best to keep it reasonable and affordable. If there is enough interest, I will make this happen on, or maybe even before release date (with the caveat that the books won’t ship until day before release). This would also mean you could “pre-order” the print book (which I cannot do with Createspace).

So, what do you say? Take a quick poll below! =)