10 Things Every Writer Should Feel (at least once)


Four years = a LOT of books!

Last week was my four-year anniversary as a published novelist. I want to thank everyone again for coming to hang out with me at the chat party. If you haven’t received your winnings yet, you will very soon. ;) Four years can seem very long at times, but then you look at the big picture, and it’s really just a drop in the bucket. It’s not all flowers and rainbows, either. More like a crazy roller coaster ride with a schizophrenic at the controls. You learn a lot along the way. I mean, you read all the advice online of what to do and what to avoid, but even when you think, “Pfft, that’s common sense,” it’s very different when it actually happens to you.

But this isn’t about lessons. It’s about the experience itself, and what every author out there has felt (or should feel) at one point or another.

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The Legend of Vlad

This morning I turned on the news, and during the commercial break between the stories about iPhones, sports stars, and wars, I saw this:

Obviously, I’m going to be one of the crazy people standing in line for the very first showing. But that’s besides the point.

The point is as follows: Contrary to popular belief, Vlad Tepes was not the source of what we call vampires. If that were true, they’d be called draculas. No, vampires existed in Slavic mythology long before Vlad. But while vampires have evolved into sexy, seductive creatures of the night, Vlad himself remains mostly a monster outside the Balkans, which is why I am so happy about this movie coming out–it depicts him as a hero, and truth be told, that’s kind of what he was. It might not seem like it to outsiders centuries removed, what with all the putting people on spikes and so much death going on, but don’t forget the context. Europe was being invaded by the Ottoman empire. They’d already conquered a huge part of it, and weren’t about to slow down for tea and crumpets when they came to Vlad’s doorstep. Vlad’s cruelty and his apparent lack of reverence for life in general terrified the Ottoman forces so much that they tucked tail and ran. They believed he was inhuman, and they didn’t want to have anything to do with a creature like that. Because if he could do all those horrible things to his own people, what on earth would he do to them?? Vlad didn’t just save his own country from invasion, he saved many others.

If there is a lesson to be learned from Vlad’s story, it is the concept of necessary toughness. Sometimes, to defeat monsters, you must become one yourself.

It’s not the PC way of doing things. We like to think of ourselves as a civilized people, often forgetting that deep down, we’re nothing but animals with slightly more efficient brains. We want to believe that kind words and compassion can solve any problem. Well, they can’t. Not always.

I don’t envy Vlad, or anyone else in a similar position, the choices he had to make. I don’t delude myself into thinking I could have done anything other than lie down and die in their place. I am, however, in awe of the story at its core, of what happened, and what didn’t happen, and why we’re all still talking about it centuries later.

I am very much looking forward to watching this new interpretation of it.

Anyway, just wanted to share. =)

Happy Friday, everyone!

Anniversary eBook Sale


We’re getting close to the Anniversary Chat Party! There have already been two giveaways and a couple of sneak peeks at the Facebook Event Page, with are more on the way! There is still time to join us, if you haven’t already. The best is yet to come, this Saturday, September 27, from 5-7pm PDT.

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Upcoming Release: Virtual

I interrupt your weekend for a special announcement for this 200th post on my blog (cheers and champagne for lots of blabbery!). I was sitting on this one for a while to make sure I could make it work, and it turns out I can!

Many moons ago, I began posting a novella on this blog. The story went up by chapters, but got abandoned when other projects took over my brain and demanded my attention. I went back to it after I finished Wolfen, and still loved the story enough to want to do something with it. The chapters have now been removed from the blog, because as I began to edit, I realized a lot of big changes would have to be made. They were, they work, and now I can happily announce that VIRTUAL will be making its electronic debut very, very soon. Probably even before Wolfen, so you’ll have something sweet to chew on before the main course. ;)

And now, without further ado, I introduce to you my youngest Child of Ink:


VirtualLaunch day for Hearth Global’s smart house system. Techs in place, programs operational, uplinks activated. All systems go. Until one doesn’t. Ryan has a house on his roster without any record of the construction, and it’s a hot mess. Actually, calling it that is an insult to hot messes everywhere. They have to inform the owner. It’ll be a PR nightmare, especially on their first official day in business, and even more so when the owner is a lawyer ready to bury them in lawsuits, but it has to be done. Right?

Uh, not so much. As it turns out, there’s a lot more at stake than Hearth Global’s reputation–top secret government stuff in which Ryan is now swimming up to his ears. He can’t make this software work by himself without the beautiful owner finding out something isn’t up to snuff. But what other choice does he have? The DOD is keeping tabs on the company, watching Victoria to make sure she doesn’t cause waves, and threatening to step in if anyone jeopardizes their agenda. To keep them all safe, Ryan has to buck up and take on the role of Victoria’s virtual house servant. 24-7. For as long as it takes to get the house up and running on its own. Because nothing could possibly go wrong with that…

Read more about VIRTUAL and check out the Excerpt here

Alien vs. Predator: The demons within and without

The other day I posted a Facebook update about the different psychologies of fear associated with movie monsters, specifically Alien and Predator. It was just a weird, random thought that happened to pop into my head, but after giving it some more thought, I realized there is more to it. There’s a reason why this was on my mind, and it has to do with identity crisis. Now, bear with me, because this is coming together in my brain as I am typing it.

I was born, and lived the first thirteen years of my life in a small European country, going to school with the same group of twenty kids from the first day of kindergarten to the day my family packed up and moved across the ocean. I was a straight A student, with a steady group of friends, I was on a swim team, and I had a tight-knit family around whom I spent a lot of time. I knew exactly who and what I was.

And then we moved.

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The Triad of Storytelling: A Listener’s Point of View


Ask a hundred different people what makes a great story, and you’ll get a hundred different answers. That’s because no two people read alike. For that matter, no two authors write exactly alike. And many of us don’t exactly see eye to eye. But odds are, if you ask enough of the right “Why?” questions, the answer to what makes a great story boils down to the balance between three things: Plot, Characters, and Delivery. Now, I’m not saying this as a writer. I’m saying it as a reader. And as a reader, I have  a few opinions on this matter.

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You Are Cordially Invited: 4-Years a Novelist Anniversary Chat Party

Has it really been that long? Yes! I know, I can’t believe it either. On September 27, 2010, my very first novel got published on the virtual shelves. It was a dream come true for me, and I am thrilled to still be living it.

To celebrate the occasion, I am going to be hosting a live chat party on that day (a Saturday) from 5 to 7 pm Pacific Time. There will be games, giveaways, swag, and sneak peeks at what I’ve got in the works at the moment, plus an open bar and pizza! You may have already gotten a Facebook invite from me, but in case you didn’t, allow me to personally invite you to join the fun!

WHEN: Saturday, September 27, 2014 5-7pm PDT

WHERE: Facebook Event Page

You will find more information about the event on the Facebook Event page. You’ll also see that the chat link has not been posted yet. That’s because it won’t go public until about an hour or so before the event, at which point I will share the link at the event page, and on Twitter. However, I will be keeping that page active with fun stuff and announcements in the two weeks prior, so if you have a Facebook account, I encourage you to “attend” now so that you get notifications on what’s going on. =)

The more people who join in, the more fun it will be, so please share and invite all your friends. It’s kind of awkward having a conversation with myself on a public chat room. =\