Writer’s Gonna Read: Reading List

Stage 2 of staying accountable. Here is my list of books to be read in the near future, in no particular order:

This is just my list. I’m always looking for recommendations, though, so if you have a book you absolutely loved and can’t stop raving about, share in the comments. :)

Happy Holidays!

With Christmas just around the corner, I figured I would keep this last post of 2015 short, sweet, and fun. I wish you all much happiness this Holiday season. May your days be jolly and your nights warm, may you have all the love and joy in the world, and nothing but the best in the New Year. Sending hugs and kisses to everyone!

And as a small treat, I give you new (and unedited) chapters of Dragonblood:

Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two

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Tough Love: 7 Reasons Why Rejection Is Actually Good For You



I recently came across this article about how publishing houses handle rejection letters. Shared on Facebook and promptly got into a couple of very good discussions about several elements the article presented. As I found it about a week after this blog post, which talks about the culture of entitlement and victimhood, I will admit my mindset was a bit skewed going into it, but thinking back, I still stand by my opinion that rejection is a natural and necessary part of growing as a writer and creator. Here is why:

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Black Friday Sale: WOLFEN 75% OFF




Wolfen (click to go directly to purchase page) is now on special sale until Sunday of this week! Only redeemable at, and only with the coupon code YZ66F.

This is not going to carry over to other retailers. To get the book for the super low price of $1.50, ya gotta hop on over to Smashwords before the sale ends. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Writing Q&A: How Thigs Work, From A to Z

This post is probably going to be long. It’s meant to provide a quick reference guide/summary to the process of writing/publishing as compiled by me. As such, it is very much subjective, and nothing I say here should be taken as the final say on the matter. Rather, I intend for this to be a starting point from which new and aspiring authors can launch their research into the process. So, from beginning to end, writing, editing, publishing, and marketing. Questions to be covered:

  1. What constitutes a full length novel?
  2. How much should I edit before submitting to an agent/publisher/publication?
  3. Do I need to register a Copyright for my book?
  4. Do I need an agent/publisher/publicist?
  5. What do I need for submission to agents/publishers?
  6. How long does it take to get a book published once it’s signed?
  7. How do pre-orders work? Do I need them?
  8. Should I send out Advance Reading Copies (ARCs) to reviewers?
  9. What happens after my book is published?
  10. Do I need an author website/blog/social network account?
  11. What is the most important thing to keep in mind when setting up my author website?
  12. How do I market my books?
  13. What about paid ads?
  14. What has worked best for you?
  15. How much does it all cost, this being an author thing?

Are you ready? Here we go!

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